Arab Monetary Fund Careers

Arab Monetary Fund Careers: AMF Jobs UAE

Arab Monetary Fund Careers: (AMF) UAE. Arab Monetary Fund is a Regional Arab Organisation, Founded in 1976, and has started operations in 1977. Member Countries (22) are: Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Yemen, Comoros. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

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AMF offers employment contracts for the initial period of two years and renewable for a similar period or periods based on the employee performance. In some cases, AMF recruits temporary experts and consultants for short periods to work in AMF headquarter or to participate in AMF missions to member countries. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

 Arab Monetary Fund Careers

• Company/Organization: Arab Monetary Fund
• Job Location: U.A.E
• Nationality: Any
• Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
• Salary: Not Disclosed
• Experience: Minimum 1 to 2 Years

Arab Monetary Fund Job Vacancies: (AMF) UAE

Beyond financial assistance, the AMF plays a significant role in providing technical assistance and capacity-building programs to its member states. These initiatives are aimed at enhancing the institutional and human capacity of member countries in areas such as monetary policy, financial regulation, fiscal management, and economic planning. The AMF organizes training programs, workshops, and seminars, often in collaboration with other international and regional organizations. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

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The AMF is also a center for economic research and policy analysis in the Arab region. It conducts studies on various economic and financial issues, providing member states with valuable insights and policy recommendations. The Fund’s research activities cover a wide range of topics, including macroeconomic stability, fiscal policy, financial sector development, and regional integration. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

Strategic Project Manager Arab Monetary Fund Apply
Accountant Arab Monetary Fund Apply
Legal and Compliance Officer Arab Monetary Fund Apply
IT Security Engineer Arab Monetary Fund Apply
Senior Compliance Officer- Buna BUNA Apply

The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) is a regional Arab organization established to foster economic stability and development across its member states. Founded in 1976 and commencing operations in 1977, the AMF is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Its primary objectives include promoting trade, investment, and monetary cooperation among Arab countries, as well as assisting in the correction of balance of payments disequilibria and enhancing Arab financial markets. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

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The AMF spearheads several regional initiatives aimed at fostering economic integration and cooperation among Arab countries. Notable among these is the establishment of the Arab Trade Financing Program (ATFP) in 1989, a specialized institution that provides trade financing and promotes intra-Arab trade. The AMF also collaborates with other regional and international organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and the Arab League, to coordinate efforts and leverage synergies in achieving its objectives. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

Investment Risk Officer Arab Monetary Fund Apply
Business Development Lead- Buna BUNA Apply
Strategy and Planning Specialist- Buna BUNA Apply
Human Resources Officer Arab Monetary Fund Apply

While the AMF has made significant strides in promoting economic stability and integration in the Arab region, it faces several challenges. These include political instability in some member countries, varying levels of economic development, and external economic shocks. To address these challenges, the AMF continues to adapt its strategies and programs to the evolving needs of its member states. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

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Looking ahead, the AMF aims to enhance its role in fostering sustainable economic development, promoting financial inclusion, and supporting the digital transformation of Arab economies. By leveraging its financial resources, technical expertise, and collaborative networks, the AMF seeks to contribute to a more resilient and prosperous Arab region. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

Financial Sector Specialist – Financial Markets Arab Monetary Fund Apply
Product Specialist- Buna BUNA Apply
Director, Legal And Compliance Department Arab Monetary Fund Apply
Dealer – Fixed Income Arab Monetary Fund Apply

Reduce the restrictions on current payments among member States and the restrictions on the transfer of capital and the transfer of profits therefrom, with a view to the total elimination of the said restrictions. Endeavour to achieve the necessary degree of co-ordination between Arab economic policies, particularly financial and monetary, in a manner that will contribute to Arab economic integration and assist in creating the necessary conditions for the establishment of a unified Arab currency. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

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The member States shall co-operate among themselves and with the Fund for the realisation of the goals of the Fund and each member shall, in particular. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

Credit Analyst Arab Monetary Fund Apply
Chief, Human Resources Division Arab Monetary Fund Apply
Application Administration- Payments- Buna BUNA Apply
Onboarding Specialist- Buna BUNA Apply

The Fund shall co-operate with similar Arab institutions to achieve its objectives, likewise, when necessary, it shall co-operate with similar international organisations. The Fund shall provide technical assistance and services in the financial and monetary sphere to member States, which conclude economic agreements aimed at attaining a monetary union between them as on of the stages leading the realisation of the goals of the Fund. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

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Arab Monetary Fund is a Regional Arab Organisation, Founded in 1976, and has started operations in 1977. Member Countries (22) are: Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Yemen, Comoros. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

Information Security Officer BUNA Apply
Financial Sector Specialist – Fintech Arab Monetary Fund Apply
Economist Arab Monetary Fund Apply
Statistician Arab Monetary Fund Apply

Objectives and Mission

The AMF’s mission revolves around four key objectives:

  1. Promoting Trade and Economic Integration: The AMF works to facilitate trade and economic integration among Arab countries by reducing trade barriers and encouraging cross-border investments. This is aimed at fostering a unified Arab economic bloc that can compete more effectively on the global stage.
  2. Correcting Balance of Payments Disequilibria: The AMF provides financial support to member states facing balance of payments difficulties. This assistance helps stabilize economies, ensuring that they can meet their international financial obligations and sustain economic growth. Arab Monetary Fund Careers
  3. Enhancing Monetary Cooperation: By promoting monetary and financial cooperation among member states, the AMF aims to achieve greater economic stability within the region. This includes efforts to harmonize monetary policies, exchange rate mechanisms, and payment systems.
  4. Developing Financial Markets: The AMF works to enhance the efficiency and stability of Arab financial markets. This includes initiatives to improve regulatory frameworks, financial infrastructure, and the overall environment for investment and capital flows. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

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Membership and Governance

The AMF has 22 member countries, encompassing all members of the League of Arab States. These members contribute to the Fund’s capital and benefit from its financial and technical assistance. The governance structure of the AMF includes the Board of Governors, the Executive Board, and the Director-General. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

  • Board of Governors: This is the highest decision-making body, consisting of representatives (usually finance ministers or central bank governors) from each member country. The Board of Governors meets annually to set policies and approve the budget and financial statements.
  • Executive Board: This body oversees the day-to-day operations of the AMF and is composed of representatives elected by the Board of Governors. The Executive Board meets regularly to implement policies, approve loans, and oversee various programs.
  • Director-General: The Director-General is the chief executive officer of the AMF, responsible for executing the policies and decisions of the Board of Governors and the Executive Board. The Director-General is appointed for a renewable term and leads the Fund’s staff in its various activities.

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Financial Assistance and Programs

The AMF provides financial assistance to its member states through various instruments, including loans, credit facilities, and grants. These financial products are designed to address different economic challenges:

  1. Automatic Loans: Short-term loans granted to member countries to support their balance of payments positions without conditionality.
  2. Extended Loans: Medium-term loans aimed at supporting structural reforms and economic adjustment programs in member countries. Arab Monetary Fund Careers
  3. Trade Finance Facility: Designed to promote intra-regional trade by providing financing for trade transactions among member countries.
  4. Structural Adjustment Facility: Loans aimed at supporting comprehensive structural adjustment programs to foster economic stability and growth.
  5. Grants and Technical Assistance: The AMF provides grants and technical assistance for capacity building, economic research, and policy development.

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How to Apply for Arab Monetary Fund Careers?

If you want to grow with Arab Monetary Fund, the best way to apply for a job vacancy to submit an online job application. There, you need to set up your personal job profile on Arab Monetary Fund, official website and you will be able to apply directly for any job vacancy announced for hiring. Arab Monetary Fund Careers

You can explore all the available positions through their user-friendly job search feature. So just follow the steps below to submit a job application online:

  • Click on the “Apply Now link provided with each Arab Monetary Fund, job title. [you will be landed on Arab Monetary Fund careers portal]
  • There you have to create your job profile [if you have already created Arab Monetary Fund, careers login ID then login to your job profile using that credentials]
  • Click on “Apply” button
  • Upload your updated resume or CV
  • Click on “Submit Job Application”

In conclusion, the Arab Monetary Fund is a pivotal institution in the Arab world, dedicated to fostering economic stability, integration, and development among its member states. Through its financial assistance, technical support, and policy advocacy, the AMF plays a crucial role in addressing the economic challenges facing the region and promoting a brighter economic future for all Arab countries.

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