How to Get an Internship at PwC

10 Best Tips How to Get an Internship at PwC in 2023

How to Get an Internship at PwC? If you are a student with aspirations in the professional services industry, consider embarking on an internship journey. This pursuit promises not only invaluable hands-on experience within the working world but also the opportunity to foster crucial connections in your chosen field. How to Get an Internship at PwC

Among the myriad options for internships within the Big Four firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers (commonly known as PwC) stands out as a paragon of depth and quality in its programs. It remains an excellent choice, irrespective of your professional interests. Diverse internship schemes abound, ensuring you’ll discover a fitting path. How to Get an Internship at PwC

How to Get an Internship at PwC?

So, if you’re pondering how to initiate this journey, we’ve compiled a concise guide to the application and recruitment process, along with some quick preparation tips. There’s more to come: a staggering 90% of PwC interns eventually receive a coveted job offer, potentially propelling you into a career with one of the globe’s titans. How to Get an Internship at PwC

If the allure of a PwC internship beckons, here’s what you need to know:

1. Master the Basics

Begin your odyssey by delving into research. Unearth the plethora of options available. Peruse online resources, both official PwC channels and beyond. Explore the plethora of recruiting events hosted on campuses. Specialized introductory programs beckon, like the ‘Women in Business’ and ‘Talent Academies’ initiatives in the UK. Remember, PwC’s expansive landscape comprises numerous streams and departments. Precisely align your career aspirations and goals with a suitable one. How to Get an Internship at PwC

Familiarize yourself with eligibility criteria. Some programs may mandate specific courses, while others target particular demographics. Expect to meet certain grade prerequisites. The detailed requisites are meticulously outlined in PwC’s recruitment job descriptions. Ensure compliance before proceeding. How to Get an Internship at PwC

Bear in mind that PwC’s domain extends far beyond accountancy and tax expertise. Embracing technological vistas necessitates the recruitment of data specialists, IT mavens, and programmers. Traditional roles persist within internal services such as HR, administration, and service support. How to Get an Internship at PwC

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2. Navigate to the Ideal Role

PwC’s diverse departments offer a plethora of internship possibilities. A comprehensive list is available on the firm’s UK and US recruitment websites. These departments encompass:

  • Actuarial (encompassing Actuarial Services, People and Organisation, and Reward and Employment)
  • Assurance
  • Consulting (spanning Management Consulting, Economics Consulting, Strategy&, Sustainability and Climate Change Consulting, and Technology Consulting)
  • Deals (including Corporate Finance, Business Recovery Services, Forensic Services, Transaction Services, and Valuations)
  • Legal
  • Tax (encompassing Corporate Tax and Indirect Tax)
  • Technology (covering Cyber Security, Forensic Technology, Technology Consulting, Technology Risk, and HR Technology)

Internship programs offer a range of options. In the UK, the summer Internship program is highly sought-after, spanning six to eight weeks of hands-on work in your chosen department. An 11-month undergraduate work placement option exists, mainly tailored for those pursuing specific accounting degrees. Typically, applicants should be in their penultimate year of study to qualify. How to Get an Internship at PwC

In the US, the primary internship program is known as ‘Advance,’ offered during both summer and winter. These programs span six to eight weeks and follow similar structures, with the winter slot proving advantageous due to its alignment with peak departmental activity. Applicants should again be in their penultimate year of study, maintaining a minimum 3.3 GPA. How to Get an Internship at PwC

An exclusive US-only internship program, ‘Start,’ targets students from underrepresented backgrounds or colleges. Situated within the Internal Firm Services (IFS) department, it serves as an introduction to PwC employment, encouraging participants to pursue the ‘Advance’ internship. Ideally, applicants should be in their sophomore year of their course to be eligible. How to Get an Internship at PwC

3. Craft an Exceptional CV

Your CV, while supplementary at this stage, plays a pivotal role. It should be meticulously updated and tailored to your chosen role. Emphasize pertinent areas, focusing on transferable skills, especially those germane to accounting. Elaborate on your academic projects and assignments. How to Get an Internship at PwC

4. Initiate the Application

Commence by awaiting the opening for applications, as indicated on the company’s recruitment websites. Simplify this process by joining the firm’s ‘Talent Network,’ receiving email updates aligned with your eligibility and preferences. Once vacancies surface, initiate the online application process. PwC’s application process, like many large firms, operates entirely online, engaging an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Maintain precision by aligning with the keywords and phrases in the job description and ensuring the veracity of your information.

Upon passing this initial screening phase, proceed to two online tests: the situational judgement test and the psychometric test.

Situational Judgement Test:

Termed an ‘Immersive Job Preview Assessment,’ this evaluation entails viewing video scenarios, followed by a quiz assessing your suitability for the role and company culture. While these tests largely hinge on common sense, prioritize the most justifiable response when answering questions.

Psychometric Test:

These gamified tests gauge cognitive skills and behavioral preferences. As they are aptitude-based, exert your best effort swiftly, ideally after ample practice. Avoid attempting to cheat, as most tests will be retaken at the assessment center under supervision. Googling answers to numerical questions is ill-advised. How to Get an Internship at PwC

5. Excel in the Interview

PwC interviews comprise two segments, typically conducted on separate days: a comprehensive interview and an extended assessment center session. Expect to meet with a director and a senior manager from your chosen department. The following is typically encountered:

Assurance โ€“ Risk Assurance โ€“ Internal Audit โ€“ Senior Associate Qatar
Consulting โ€“ Government โ€“ Director Qatar
Consulting โ€“ Government โ€“ Public Safety and Justice โ€“ Director โ€“ Doha Qatar
Consulting โ€“ Government โ€“ S&T โ€“ Manager/Senior Manager Qatar

Assessment Center:

Central to the assessment day is the ‘case study,’ wherein you collaborate with fellow applicants to devise solutions for a fictional problem rooted in real-life client scenarios. Evaluation centers on your ability to work harmoniously and assimilate information effectively. Engage actively, contributing ideas while respecting your peers. Remember, they remain your competition. Understanding the task thoroughly is paramount; errors can be costly. How to Get an Internship at PwC


Your interview occurs with two senior members of your chosen team, eschewing the conventional HR representative. You must make a memorable impression swiftly. Preparation is key. PwC provides insights and tips on its website, including the five competencies against which you will be assessed:

Assurance โ€“ Risk Assurance โ€“ Internal Audit โ€“ Senior Associate Qatar
Consulting โ€“ Government โ€“ Director Qatar
Consulting โ€“ Government โ€“ Public Safety and Justice โ€“ Director โ€“ Doha Qatar
Consulting โ€“ Government โ€“ S&T โ€“ Manager/Senior Manager Qatar
  • Whole Leadership
  • Business Acumen
  • Technical Capabilities
  • Global Acumen
  • Relationships

Expect straightforward motivational and competency-based queries necessitating specific examples. Craft your responses along the lines of ‘Provide an instance where you demonstrated characteristic X.’

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6. Secure the Offer

Following a successful interview and assessment center experience, anticipate a phone call notifying you of your triumph a few days later. If you await a response for more than a week, initiate contact with your recruitment contact. This stage encompasses reference checks, grade verification, and employment history scrutiny. Simultaneously, you will be invited for an informal meeting with your supervisors and future colleagues at the office. Additionally, you’ll be integrated into an internal onboarding system, completing assorted administrative tasks. How to Get an Internship at PwC

Actuarial Services โ€“ Operations Manager Singapore
Actuarial Services, Life Insurance โ€“ Experienced Associate Singapore
Administrative Senior Consultant (Events & Travel Management) Singapore
Administrator โ€“ Assurance Risk & Quality (Quality Assurance) Singapore

In conclusion, PwC stands among the world’s most esteemed private companies, offering access to prominent clients and captivating projects. Whether you aspire to a lasting career with the firm or aim to embellish your CV with a prestigious name, this experience proves invaluable. How to Get an Internship at PwC

Wherever your journey leads, your time at PwC will undoubtedly prove invaluable. By following our guidance and conducting comprehensive research, you possess the potential to exit college or university equipped with the knowledge, skills, and connections of a premier professional firmโ€”a combination that garners universal appeal to employers.

Do you seek additional tips for securing a PwC internship? Feel free to share your queries and insights in the comments section below!