Jobs in Thailand

Jobs in Thailand for foreigners With Thai Work VISA

Jobs in Thailand . You may have read a lot about work permits, work visas, skill deficit jobs in colorful countries, and government job options but you may noway have known before that nonnatives can fluently find good job options in Thailand. And i get asked by thousands of job campaigners that which country they should look for jobs and i always give them practicable recommendations to apply for jobs in similar countries where certain occupations are in high demand with lower competition so that their chances to get employment becomes prominent. Jobs in Thailand

also, in this post i’m going to give all of job seeking expats some great job options in Thailand including remote employment openings so that you can get employed as soon as possible. As of my knowledge arrestment in September 2021, I can give you with some general information about jobs for nonnatives in Thailand. still, it’s important to note that job request conditions can change over time, and it would be stylish to consult over- to- date coffers and job doors for the most accurate and current information. Jobs in Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination for deportees, offering a range of employment openings in colorful sectors. Then are some sectors that frequently hire nonnatives in Thailand. Tourism and Hospitality Thailand’s thriving tourism assiduity provides employment openings in hospices, resorts, caffs , trip agencies, and stint drivers. Positions similar as hostel operation, hospitality services, stint attendants, and client service places are frequently available. Jobs in Thailand

Mantenance Engineer M/F Malaysia
Assistant Officer, Marine Operation Support M/F Thailand
Risk Based Inspection Engineer (RBI Engineer) M/F Thailand
Business Unit Financial Manager M/F Thailand
Graduate Engineer M/F Thailand
Topographic Technician M/F Indonesia

Teaching English There’s a high demand for English preceptors in Thailand, particularly in private language seminaries, transnational seminaries, and universities. A bachelorette’s degree, TEFL or TESOL instrument, and occasionally previous tutoring experience are generally needed. Information Technology( IT) Thailand has been developing its IT sector, creating job openings for professed professionals. IT places in software development, programming, cybersecurity, and design operation are in demand, particularly in technology companies and transnational pots. Jobs in Thailand

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Manufacturing and Engineering Thailand has a strong manufacturing sector, and there are openings for nonnatives with moxie in engineering, product operation, quality control, and specialized places. The automotive, electronics, and artificial sectors are notable areas for employment. Finance and Banking Thailand’s fiscal sector offers job openings for foreign professionals with moxie in finance, account, investment banking, and fiscal analysis. transnational banks, transnational pots, and fiscal institutions frequently retain foreign gift. Jobs in Thailand

Medical and Healthcare The healthcare assiduity in Thailand has been growing, and there’s a demand for medical professionals, including croakers , nursers, and specialists. still, it’s important to note that medical positions frequently bear specific qualifications, licensing, and language proficiency. Marketing and Advertising With the growth of digital marketing ande-commerce, there are openings for nonnatives in marketing, advertising, and dispatches places. transnational companies, advertising agencies, and digital marketing enterprises may have openings for professed professionals. Jobs in Thailand

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Renewable Energy and Environmental Services Thailand is promoting renewable energy and environmental sustainability, creating openings in sectors similar as solar energy, wind energy, waste operation, and environmental consulting. Nonnatives with moxie in these areas may find job prospects. Jobs in Thailand

Assistant Officer, Asset Coordination Bangkok
Lawyer Bangkok
Accountant, Accounting Policy Support Bangkok
Engineer, Maintenance Support (Mechanical) Bangkok
Accountant, Thai Concession Asset Support Bangkok

International Associations and NGOs Thailand hosts colorful transnational associations andnon-governmental associations( NGOs) that work in areas similar as development, philanthropic aid, and social work. These associations frequently hire nonnatives for positions that bear technical chops and experience. It’s important to note that the Thai government has certain regulations regarding foreign employment. Nonnatives generally need a valid work permit andnon-immigrant visa to work fairly in Thailand. The specific conditions and procedures may vary depending on the job and individual circumstances. Jobs in Thailand

To explore job openings in Thailand, you can relate to online job doors, professional networks, reclamation agencies, and the websites of specific companies or associations. also, networking and attending job expositions or assiduity events in Thailand can also be salutary for connecting with implicit employers. Please flash back to check the rearmost regulations and consult sanctioned sources or legal professionals to insure accurate and over- to- date information regarding work permits, visa conditions, and employment openings for nonnatives in Thailand in 2023. Jobs in Thailand

Software Developer Bangkok
Officer, Procurement and Contracts Support Bangkok
Secretary Bangkok
Officer, Strategic SSHE Communication Bangkok
(Senior) Engineer, Production Operations Support Bangkok

Pre Job Hunt Recommendations for you

If you’re so sure to start a job in Thailand in 2023 but have no indication of where and how to start also i’m going to help you and by reading this composition till end you’ll know exactly how you can find employment in Thailand but before that i want you to please make ascertain of having all these documents with you so that you’ll come super ready to apply for jobs in Thailand.

Your work experience letters
Passport( With validity of over 6 months)
Degrees, achievement letters, and reiterations
streamlined CV or capsule as per job you’re going to apply
Cover letter with your capsule acclimatized as per job duties
outsider physical examination instrument and character instrument( needed for Thai work visa operation)

You may notice on points 4 and 5 i mentioned you to please prepare your capsule/ cover letter as per job part announced because i want you to stand out among other job aspirants who are recovering their standard CV/ cover letter for all job operations and you might not know this but utmost job operations substantially get screened out because those documents have nothing affiliated to the needed job liabilities places, so now lets launch exploring Thailand jobs options available for you in 2023. Jobs in Thailand

1- English tutoring jobs in Thailand – Salary up toUS$ 5000/ month

Teaching English is one of the most demanded occupations in Thailand for which nonnatives are hired and if you’re going to land an English tutoring job position in Bangkok megacity also anticipate a yearly payment of over toUS$ 5000 whereas if you find English tutoring job in pastoral metropolises of Thailand similar as Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Huahin, Pai, or Krabi also you can get paid aroundUS$ 1000 per month. Jobs in Thailand

I want to tell you some further details about yearly payment for an English schoolteacher( TEFL certified) in Thailand which principally depends on where you start your job, so if you start working at an transnational private academy also your yearly payment can go as high as$ 5000/ month, whereas if you work at public academy also your payment would be as low as$ 800. Jobs in Thailand

With that if you work as an English language TEFL certified schoolteacher also you can anticipate to have a maximum payment of over toUS$ 1500 per month and if you work as a bilingual schoolteacher at any private academy also your yearly pay envelope would be aroundUS$ 2500. Jobs in Thailand

So if you want to apply for an English schoolteacher job in Thailand also you have to give TEFL instrument, a maids degree minimum, your passport of Native English speaking country, tutoring work experience letter, and health instrument in order to gain Thailand work visa for foreign preceptors( Ref Thai immigration). Jobs in Thailand

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2- Settle in Thailand on Nomad VISA as Digital Worker

Now this option is uncommon and i know you mustn’t be awaiting it which i suppose you should now take as a less competitive occasion to settle in Thailand on a vagabond visa by which you can live in Thailand and work digitally as freelancer or digital entrepreneur. Jobs in Thailand

numerous Canadians, US/ UK citizens, and Europeans work as pens, software inventors, AI experts, software testers, virtual sidekicks and indeed do YouTubing/ blogging through their laptops and travel around the world and live in numerous countries duty free for times by taking advantage of Nomad visa programs but in this case you have to find employment online as freelancer on PPH, fiverr, upwork, 99designs, freelancer; or you can start your own digital business. Jobs in Thailand

3- Real Estate, Restaurant Hotel Jobs in Thailand – Salary US$ 7000

still, concierge director, frontal office officer, If you have vocational training or a graduate degree with language proficiency also you can actually work as a cook. Jobs in Thailand

Whereas on the other hand Thailand’s real estate request also has vacuum to be filled in by foreign real estate experts because property trade purchase in Thailand is veritably fast and these Thai companies( Michael runner, Colliers, or CBRE) are always looking to hire foreign staff workers. Jobs in Thailand

Dive Instructor

Average salary: 15,000 baht to 50,000 baht per month

One of the more popular choices for long-stay expats is to take up dive instructing.

Who wouldn’t want a job so close to the world’s most beautiful tropical beaches?

There are plenty of places to get certified, and plenty of demand for instructors during the high seasons.

What You Need

  • to be able to swim (naturally)
  • at least a PADI IDC (Instructor Development Course) certification
  • some language ability helps, especially French, German, Russian and, Mandarin

How to Apply

Consider where you’d like to live and work

Popular dive sites like Koh Phi Phi will have more opportunities to make money. But the cost of living will be a lot higher.

Also consider the fact that there are fewer opportunities on the whole during the low season, which is May to October.

Apply in person

Show up at some local dive shops and hand in your CV. You’ll also need to show your certification.

What to consider

With some grit and perseverance, you can find salaried positions as a web developer.

If you decide to work on a freelance basis, you’ll have to use a relocation service provider, which hires you and bills your clients and gives you a work permit in return.


Average salary: 3,500 baht to 100,000 baht a session

Modeling is one of the more glamorous positions available to expats in Bangkok. But there are a few minor drawbacks.


First, it’s not for everyone, particularly those of us stuck with what one might describe as a “face for blogging.”

Second, the pay can be sporadic at times. You might clear anything from 3,500 baht to 100,000 baht in a single session. But those sessions can be infrequent. Jobs in Thailand

There’s also the murky side of greedy, unscrupulous agencies.


What You Need

  • to be attractive
  • a good attitude
  • the persistence to stick through occasional periods without work
  • some negotiating skills

How to Apply

Join an agency

Agencies will find you most model work. Finding and signing up for a modeling agency should be first on your agenda. Jobs in Thailand

Go to model nights in Bangkok

Model nights at bars and clubs in Bangkok are a great networking opportunity. And those in the know can help point you in the direction of the more legitimate agencies.

Send your best shots

Find some agencies that appeal to you and send in your best snaps, portfolio pics, stats, and a few lines about what you’re looking for. Jobs in Thailand

What to Consider

To be a model, then, you need more than good looks. You need patience, grit, and a little business skills.

You’ll also need a sociable attitude, and the ability to cope with long periods without money. But for those with the “right stuff” it’s difficult to think of a more exciting job.

Personal Trainer

Average salary: 50,000 baht a month

Getting fit is all the rage in Thailand these days. This craze has created a whole raft of opportunities for skilled, knowledgeable foreigners to work as personal trainers.

You’ll need plenty of confidence and the ability to develop your own personal brand.

And you’ll need an almost religious dedication to keeping fit before any of the city’s big gyms will want to take an expensive chance on hiring you.

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What You Need

  • to be in good shape—it’s hard to preach the benefits of a healthy lifestyle when you look like Homer Simpson
  • personal trainer certification and a health/fitness related degree are essential
  • English language skills are a plus

How to Apply

Get involved locally

There may be the occasional position on a site like JobsDB. But your best bet is to get involved at your local gym and try to carve out your own niche. Jobs in Thailand

There are many foreigner-friendly gyms around Bangkok, such as Aspire at Asoke.

Start Networking

Once you’re set up in a local gym you can start networking. This will help you secure contacts and build your own brand.

Bangkok has a burgeoning fitness scene and there are plenty of events to network at to help you make connections.

Eventbrite is a good site to start looking. Jobs in Thailand

What to Consider

There’s plenty of competition here, and a lot of long-time trainers. So you’ll need to offer something different or better.

But if you do succeed, you’ll find that personal training is lucrative and rewarding.


Average salary: 60,000 baht to 300,000 baht a month

Journalism is one of the oldest professions for those with a hankering to extend their time abroad.

With the explosion of new media that the internet has created it’s easier than ever to get involved.

If you can write a good sentence and stick to deadlines, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make a living writing in Thailand. Jobs in Thailand

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What You Need

  • the ability to stick to deadlines
  • the ability to write good copy
  • a degree or higher in journalism is helpful*

Some experts recommend double-majoring in a different subject, like politics, to give yourself an edge in covering certain topics.

How to Apply

Get out there and start writing

There are plenty of local English-language publications and blogs in Thailand which are willing to accept articles from aspiring writers. Jobs in Thailand

Apply for permanent positions

Once you’ve got a nice portfolio built up, you can start applying for salaried positions.

If you can create quality content, are familiar with things like SEO, and can cultivate a personal brand, you’ll get far.

What to Consider

The demand for writers with a decent grasp of the English language makes Thailand a good country to find an “in” for aspiring journalists.

Journalism can be stressful at times (those deadlines!). But depending on your chosen field of reporting it can give you an up-close look at a side of Thailand few tourists get to see. Jobs in Thailand


Average salary: 35,000 baht to 90,000 baht a month

Like many industries, marketing is going digital. Gone are the days of painting a sandwich-board and calling it a day.


Web Developer

Average salary: 50,000 baht to 150,000 baht a month

There are plenty of advantages of choosing web development as a career in Thailand.

You don’t need to be in any one place to do it. You can work from the comfort of your hammock.

You don’t need to invest a lot to get started. A good internet connection and a functioning computer are all you need. Jobs in Thailand

And like many tech positions in Thailand, there’s plenty of demand for work.

What You Need

  • knowledge HTML and CSS
  • some knowledge of another language such as Ruby can be helpful
  • front-end/back-end know how
  • a tech/media related degree helps

How to Apply

Show, don’t tell

It’s all about the experience. As in journalism, the best way to land a job is to show your potential employers what you can do. Jobs in Thailand

Build your own site first. Offer to create sites for friends or colleagues. And build from there.

Meet with potential employers

When it comes to finding a salaried position, networking is essential. The tech scene in Thailand tends to be close-knit.


Average salary: 30,000 baht to 50,000 baht a month

There’s not a huge demand for scientific researchers in Thailand. Funding is scarce, and cash-strapped institutions are wary of taking on expensive foreigners. Jobs in Thailand

So first and foremost, you need to be good. Home-country experience, and a sought-after specialization, is a must.

If you’re still working towards your qualifications, there are plenty of NGOs_ _that might be willing to assist you in your studies if you work in the medical field. Jobs in Thailand

Companies like GVI USA can also offer you a way in and some much-needed experience in the conservation field.

What You Need

  • plenty of experience
  • to be bring something unique to the table
  • at least a degree in a related field, although a masters is ideal, and a PhD even better

How to Apply

Reach out to other researchers in Thailand

You might be able to find a smattering of jobs on the likes of JobsDB or NGO sites like Reliefweb. But networking is the best way to get in as a researcher. Jobs in Thailand

Contact institutions

If you’re not in Thailand as part of your studies, contact relevant universities and hospitals and prepare to sell yourself.

You can also reach out to NSTDA, the National Science and Technology Develop Agency in Thailand.

Make calls

Phone your the institution and offer to speak to relevant people. Be clear, concise, and humble, and make it clear what you have to offer without coming across as a braggart. Jobs in Thailand

What to Consider

Landing a job as a researcher won’t be easy. But if you do succeed in landing a researcher’s job, you can rest assured that you’re helping to make a difference in the world. Jobs in Thailand


Average salary: 50,000 baht to 300,000 baht a month . There are a number of jobs available in the restaurant business in Thailand, from restaurant manager to sous chef. But competition can be fierce. Jobs in Thailand

There are a lot of talented people vying for few positions. You’re going to need skills, grit, and persistence. And you’re going to need to get yourself out there. Jobs in Thailand

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