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28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Work from Home

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. It’s almost 9 am, and the freeway is barely moving. The 405 is always bad getting out of Santa Monica, but today is hectic. You pick up your phone to call your boss and tell him you’re going to be late for the client meeting – he is not impressed.

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Does that sound like a familiar situation? Leaving home for the office is something that most of us do each day. As an adult, you have to join the workforce if you want to earn a living. That means waking up early, hitting traffic, working your 9-to-5 behind a desk, and then battling the traffic back home. Rinse and repeat. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

It’s no wonder that so many Americans don’t get any satisfaction from their work.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today.

What if you got to skip traffic and your boss tomorrow? What if you never had to step foot inside your office again? Millions of Americans are choosing to work from home. The advent and progression of the internet changed how we communicate, keeping us connected 24-7.

As a result of advancements in mobile and cellular technology, it’s possible to work from anywhere in the world. All you need to get things done is an internet connection and a laptop or mobile device. If you want to take control of your career and your life, then consider working at home.

Why Work from Home?

Many people equate working from home with starting a business. They think that the only way they could generate an income by working at home is if they do it themselves. However, in the modern era of cellular communications and high-speed bandwidth, more companies are hiring remote employees.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

Companies that don’t require employees to be onsite at an office to do their job are letting their employees work from home. Many companies understand the pressure of a commute and how it can place stress on their employee’s life.

However, skipping the morning traffic is not the only reason why companies are now more open to the concept of hiring remote employees. There’s plenty of other benefits that come from working at home as well.Legitimate Jobs

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28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. The Benefits:

There are several advantages to working from home. Apart from the time you save on your morning and afternoon commute, you’ll also save a bundle on gas and car maintenance, as well. Think about what you could do with an 80% saving on your monthly fuel bill.

By working from home, you can also claim a home office on your tax return. While this advantage might not apply to some employees, it’s a great way to save on your tax return for self-employed individuals.

If you recently had a child, then you’re probably going to be staying home for a few months to tend to your baby. What are you going to do for work? Most companies let women take maternity leave, but reduce their salary.

If you work from home, then you can be around your baby all the time. As a result, your child grows up with you paying attention to their every move. You don’t have to worry about babysitters or nannies raising your kids for you while you’re at work, and you’ll develop stronger family ties with your kids as they get older.

Working from home reduces your stress levels, as well. When no boss is breathing down your neck and barking orders, you won’t feel on-edge anymore. You control your time, and if you feel like sleeping in late today, then it’s not going to be a train smash that sets you back in your work.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today.The Drawbacks:

Working from home requires a strong sense of self-discipline. Some people may find that they need a pressure environment to perform, and if they don’t have a boss or manager pushing them, they never get anything done.

Working from home does not mean that you’re now on permanent vacation. You still have a job and responsibilities to take care of during the day. Therefore, you need a strong commitment to your work, and you need to be doing something you love if you want to succeed with this model.

Working from home can also become a lonely experience if you live by yourself. One of the benefits of going into the office is the social aspect of mingling with your colleagues and clients every day. If you work in a job like coding, it could lead to a life of isolation and loneliness, especially if you move to a new city and don’t know anyone. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

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Being lonely can have a severely detrimental effect on your mental health. Some people might find that they become depressed and demotivated. If you do find yourself in a remote work situation where you have no-one to talk to, then you need to offset the damage it’s doing to your psyche by joining social groups.

We are not talking about signing up for a new social media platform, either. You need to get out into the world and have experiences with other people around you. Try going to a movie or watching a live sporting event.Legitimate Jobs

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. The Tim Ferris Method

Tim Ferris is an extraordinary human being. Tim authored the best-selling book, “The 4-hour Work Week,” where he discusses the strategy he used to get away from his day job and chase his dreams. Much like you, Tim was tired of being chained to a desk.Legitimate Jobs

As a result, he decided to work on improving his efficiency at the office. Tim spent a few months changing things at work, such as how he responded to emails and calls. He steadily started reducing the time he spent at the office while maintaining his usual levels of performance for the company.

Eventually, the company offered Tim a fully-remote position, allowing him to break free of the constrictive environment of the office. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

The key takeaways Tim notes in his story are that we spend far more time than we realize doing nothing. By streamlining our working processes, we find that we have more free time available. If you want to get out of the office and work from home, then you need to prove to your boss that you can do the job just as well from a remote location.

By taking small steps, Tim successfully created momentum with his management and boss that allowed him to step away from his traditional role at the office. Since authoring the book, Tim used this model to start businesses, and visit locations around the world to achieve his life’s goals.

Nothing is stopping you from doing the same thing if you work for a company. It might take some time to move away from your current job into a remote position, but the result will be worth the effort.

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Sacrifice the Present to Make the Future Better

If your company tells you to start working from home, then you should have a reasonably smooth transition from working at the office to set up shop in your study at home. If you’re already working for a company, then they won’t adjust your salary, and you’ll still get all the same perks you had when working at the corporate offices of the company.

However, if you decide to leave your job and start working online, that’s a different story altogether. Leaving your high-paying job to work at home might seem like a silly life choice. However, there are plenty of people that are willing to make this move. Legitimate Jobs

Stress is a real thing, and many people find that they need to leave their job for medical reasons relating to over-exposure to high-stress levels. As we mentioned earlier, you might fall pregnant and need to take time off at home, where you need to earn an income.

Whatever your reason for starting to work online, if you’re leaving a job, then you might experience a rocky start. If you want the benefits of working from home, then you’ll have to be willing to make a few financial sacrifices at the beginning of your new career. Legitimate Jobs

For instance, if you’re leaving your job as a web designer, to work at home, you can expect to see a decline in your monthly salary until you stabilize a client base. Freelancers might need some time to adjust to the remote work environment, and start to build a reputation in the gig economy.

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You can’t expect to earn the same as you were in a cushy 9-to-5 job, at least for the first few months. Therefore, you need to make the financial preparations necessary to ensure a smooth transition into remote work from home. Make sure you have at least 3-months salary saved in your bank account to cover your expenses while you find your feet.

Starting freelancing from home is almost the same as starting a home-based business. Therefore, you’ll get to benefit from all of the tax breaks for sole proprietors, but you’ll also be responsible for generating your income. No boss is waiting to give you a check at the end of the month. You have to go out there and make it happen yourself.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today.

If your company is letting you work from home, then congratulations. However, for everyone else that needs a fresh start in the online world, here is the best work from home jobs.

Pick one that resonates with you. Research more on the position that interest you to find out how you can move away from your job and start working from home. Legitimate Jobs

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If you have skills in coding, you have a job that can take you anywhere in the world. As a coder, all you need to work is a computer and an internet connection. Many Silicon Valley firms and incubators allow coders to work from home.

The benefits of working from home as a coder are numerous, including peace-and-quiet, away from the high-stress environment of the office, and fewer distractions.

Coders have a drive and dedication to their work that keeps them working long days. As a coder, you can expect to burn the midnight oil a few times a week, as well. Fortunately, it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump to your bed after a long day behind the screen. Legitimate Jobs

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Data Entry

A career as a data entry specialist involves spending your days inputting data into spreadsheets and other platforms. Many firms are now letting employees with low-level responsibility jobs like data entry, work from home. Office space costs the firm money, and if they can get you to stay home, it’s a win-win situation for both you and your employer.

Data entry positions are typically for lower-level employees and clerks that are on their career path to a more prominent position within the firm. Most data entry specialists are high school or college graduates looking to make some money before starting their careers.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Travel Agent

More travel agencies are choosing to have their employees work from home. In the past, if you wanted to book a flight or a vacation, then you would visit a travel agent’s offices and go over the deals on offer.

However, the internet changed the landscape for travel agents. Now, customers can use the internet to research prices and package deals by themselves. When you’re ready to book a flight, you call into the agency to book or complete your transaction online.

As a result, you can make a good living working from home as a travel agent. Spend your days working 9-to-5 from the comfort of your couch.Legitimate Jobs

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28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Writing

If you think of yourself as a wordsmith, and you have a talent for writing, then there is plenty of work for you online. To get your feet wet, try registering on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. These platforms put you in touch with hundreds of thousands of writing jobs.

You complete contracts and receive payment into your PayPal account. However, the competition for writing jobs online is fierce, and you’ll need to build yourself a portfolio while waiting for work. However, you’ll eventually find a client that’s worth working for, and you could land a full-time position writing content for blogs, guest posts, and reviews.

If you have a degree, then try applying for a journalism position or as a columnist for a magazine. Landing a job as a professional writer can earn you an excellent salary, especially if it’s with a large publication. Legitimate Jobs

Proof Reading

Someone has to proofread all of those online articles. As a proofreader, you spend your days going through writers’ work with a fine-tooth comb. You’re looking for writing errors, such as grammar and spelling mistakes, and you correct the work before sending it back to the manager. Legitimate Jobs

Proofreaders can either work for publishing houses or as freelancers. If you want to start your career as a proofreader, then take a course that teaches you about how to proofread properly. If you have to take maternity leave from your job, then proofreading offers you a low-stress career you can do from home while you raise your child.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Virtual Assistant

Online entrepreneurs and internet marketers need help managing their workflow. It’s challenging to coordinate all of the aspects of an online marketing plan without an assistant. Virtual assistants are in high demand. A virtual assistant was one of Tim Ferris’ secret weapons when trying to distance himself from his day job.

Virtual assistants help internet marketers and online entrepreneurs with a variety of tasks. You might have to research a project, write emails, or complete product listings. There is plenty of demand for competent and efficient VAs.

A virtual assistant helps entrepreneurs and marketers free their time to work on other more pressing issues with the business. As a result, you can expect to earn a decent salary if you can prove that you have the skills necessary to reduce the marketer’s or entrepreneur’s daily work tasks. Legitimate Jobs

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Book Keeping

If you’re a qualified accountant, then you can set up an accounting business from home. You can either work with clients from your home office or rely on email communication to conduct your business.

Keeping someone’s books is an ideal stay at home occupation, and you don’t have to work for a large corporate to make a decent living doing books in your spare time for a few hours a day.

Accountants and bookkeepers are in high demand, especially around tax season.

If you can manage to grow your client base, you’ll never have to look for an office job again.Legitimate Jobs

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Transcribe Audio

Transcribing audio files is a popular job in the gig economy. Websites, companies, and advertising agencies will contract you to type out video or audio files into a word format. All you need to do is listen and type. You can do this job from your home or the local coffee shop down the road.

Transcription can take several hours for a single document, and you’ll need to be comfortable working behind a computer screen and typing on a keyboard. However, if you do well, the referrals can lead to a prosperous career working from your home.Legitimate Jobs

Teach English

If you have a degree, then you can consider teaching English Online from home. Countries like China and Japan have large communities of business people looking for English tutors to teach them the language. English is still the language of business, and many Asian cultures hire English tutors for themselves and their children.

The only drawback of working online as an English tutor is the working hours. Since most of your clients will be residing in Asia, you’ll only start work in the evening. As a result, this makes this job ideal for anyone looking to create extra income in their spare time.

If you do succeed as a tutor, then your students will likely pass you plenty of referrals to bolster your business with new leads.Legitimate Jobs

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Airbnb Host

Do you have a spare room in your home or a flat attached to your property? Why not rent it out on Airbnb? You can choose to rent your accommodation on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As an Airbnb host, you can run a guest house, and benefit from the traffic and branding of the Airbnb site.

Airbnb is now the go-to site for any experienced travelers and business people looking for alternative accommodation to hotels. The platform allows you to launch a guest house, offering rooms for rent. As a host, you would offer your guests add-on services like meals, beverages, airport shuttles, and serviced rooms.

As an Airbnb host, your home is your income, and it’s a great way to meet new and exciting people. Legitimate Jobs

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Internet Research

Companies research a variety of topics, from medicine to entertainment. As an internet researcher, you spend your days looking at a laptop screen. So, why not do that at home instead of in the office?Legitimate Jobs

Internet researchers are in high demand, but you might need a degree to qualify for some positions with firms like pharmaceutical companies. However, there are plenty of research jobs open on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. To succeed as a researcher, you need to have excellent levels of concentration and the ability to find solutions to problems you encounter online.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Lifestyle Blogging

Do you have a hobby? It doesn’t matter what you enjoy doing; you can bet there are millions of other people out there with the same interests as you. Blogging offers writers an alternative to being a full-time writer.Legitimate Jobs

If you have a full-time job you enjoy, then starting a blog in your spare time to make money online is a great idea. Once your blog starts receiving a decent amount of monthly visitors, you can start monetizing your website.

Advertising is moving online, and most companies have significant budgets for advertising. An agency or company might approach you to sign an endorsement contract where you promote their products or services in your posts. There are numerous ways to monetize your site, paying you a sizable monthly commission.

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28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

You can rent ad space and track your results through your Google AdSense account. Eventually, you’ll reach a place where your income from your blog is outdoing your paycheck, allowing you to transition into your new life as a professional blogger smoothly.

Flip Sneakers

Social media legend, Gary Vaynerchuk, spent his formative teenage years in Queens dealing baseball cards for pocket money. Gary realized that baseball cards were collectible, and there was a massive market for rare cards.

Gary made a fortune as a 15-year old hustling shopping mall pop-up stores, selling his cards to collectors. In a recent interview, Gary Vee mentioned that if he were to do it all over again as a 16-year old today, he would flip sneakers.

Sneakers are a huge market, and with the right connections and market knowledge, you can make a killing flipping pairs to collectors and sneakerheads. All you need is some space in your garage, and an internet connection to get things moving.Legitimate Jobs

Set up a storefront on Amazon or Shopify, and sell your niche sneakers to a targeted market. You might have to flip a few hundred pairs every month to make a living. However, if you’re passionate about the industry, then the work will be fun and inspiring, pushing you through the tough times.

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28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. E-Commerce

When was the last time you went to the mall to buy anything? With retail giant Amazon offering everything you need through your computer or mobile device, why leave the house to go shopping?

E-commerce is fast outstripping physical retail locations as the consumer’s first choice. Studies show that e-commerce is set to outpace retail locations by 2025, with the U.S spending over $510-billion on online purchases in 2018 alone.Legitimate Jobs

Today, it’s easy to open an online store and start selling products. There are a variety of models you can use to automate and manage your e-commerce business, as well as numerous platforms to sell your goods and services.

With dropshipping models and 3PL warehousing options, you can set up your business at home. You don’t have to worry about having products stacked up everywhere in your home, or shipping any of your products to your customers.

FBA – Fulfilment by Amazon

As mentioned previously, e-commerce is the way retail is moving. One of the biggest challenges facing e-commerce entrepreneurs is logistics., Importing, picking, packing, and shipping your products is a hassle.

Fortunately, many companies now offer third-party logistics (3PL), where they manage the process for you. You ship them your goods to their warehouses, and they handle the sales process and logistics, all you have to do is market your store and your products.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

However, marketing your store is no easy feat, and there’s plenty of competition online in every niche. Driving traffic to your store is your number one priority as an e-commerce marketer. Now you can benefit from the traffic flowing to Amazon, the world’s largest retailer.

Amazon receives over half of the traffic involved with global e-commerce. Through the FBA program, sellers can now launch storefronts and utilize Amazons traffic.

Not only that, but you can use Amazon as a fulfillment center as well. You store your products with Amazon, and they handle the picking, packing, shipping, and even the customer returns. In exchange for the use of FBA, you’ll have to pay Amazon a commission on all sales.Legitimate Jobs

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. POD – Print on Demand

POD offers online entrepreneurs the opportunity to make money from creative products using a social media marketing strategy. Companies like teespring offer you the service of printing t-shirts with your custom designs. The company also prints your designs on coffee mugs, cellphone cases, and a variety of other consumer products.

You don’t even need to have artistic talent to create great designs and sell them on Instagram and Facebook. Sites like Fiverr give you access to thousands of designers looking for work. Get some designs made up, and then print them on t-shirts or mugs. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

Teespring is similar to FBA, in that they handle all of the logistics, production, and customer service for you. You market the landing page of the products in your storefront through social media platforms.Legitimate Jobs

Using Facebook ads is an effective way of selling your designs online and boosting traffic to your landing pages. POD is an excellent way to start a business with very few overhead costs, allowing you to make money from home.

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Develop and Sell an Online Course

Do you have specialized knowledge in a niche that people will find valuable? For example, if you were to make a success of selling your t-shirt designs on teespring, you have specialized knowledge. You could put together a course, providing people with detailed instructions on how to replicate your business model.Legitimate Jobs

That’s the strategy entrepreneur Chris Record used to make more than $1-million from his design idea. Chris found a niche in baseball. His local team, the San Francisco Giants, were moving to a new stadium from Candlestick Park, the team’s original stadium.

Chris hired someone to design him a t-shirt that read “Remember Candlestick Park,” along with an aerial image of the stadium. Using the Facebook ads platform, Chris targeted Giants fans that visited the stadium. The result was over $400,000 in sales.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

However, Chris then turned around and produced a course on how he used POD to make his money. The course ended up selling more than a million dollars in revenue, making Chris a very rich, and young, entrepreneur – all because of one good POD idea.

Start a Facebook Ads Agency

The power of Facebook Ads is incredible. The reach the targeted reach that the platform offers internet marketers is astounding. Most businesses and websites know that they need to be on Facebook, but they don’t understand why. These same companies have no idea how to promote themselves on social media either.

If you live in an area with local services nearby, such as real estate agents, dentists, and doctors’ offices, then you could start a Facebook Ads agency. If you take a course on Facebook Ads and understand the technicalities of marketing through the platform, you can sell this knowledge and expertise to local businesses.

The chances are that your local lawyer’s office is always looking for more work. Arrange an appointment with the partner, and tell them you can boost their business through marketing on Facebook. The chances are that they are already advertising through other channels. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

Ask the prospect to give you a chance. Tell them to divert some of the marketing budgets to your advertising agency. The results will speak for themselves, and you’ll soon gain a steady stream of referrals for your new home-based business. Legitimate Jobs

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28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Life Coaching

If you enjoy reading and practicing personal development, then a career as a life coach could be your calling. Life coaches have clients come to their home office for consultations. As a life coach, you’ll have to provide people with insight and direction in their lives.

Life coaches exist in various niches. If you feel you’re an expert at relationships, then you’ll do well as a relationship coach. If you know business and investment, then you could make it as an investment coach.

Whatever your calling, there are plenty of people out there looking for some direction and advice in their lives. A career as a life coach is rewarding when you see your clients achieving their life goals. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

As a bonus, you get to work from home, and you still get to maintain relationships with others, driving away any loneliness.

Customer Service Representation

In the era of e-commerce and social media, a company can live or die by its customer service policies. Many companies employ customer service representatives in remote positions, working from home.

If you have a talent for dealing with people and putting out fires when customers get angry, or procedures go wrong, you could have a promising career as a remote customer service representative.

You won’t have any involvement with receiving or shipping goods, and all you need to do is speak to people over the phone. You can do this job in your pajamas, and the customer won’t even know it.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

Dealing with people’s problems all day long can leave you feeling in a foul mood if you don’t have the right personality type for this job. Make sure you have an outlet to vent your stress – take up yoga or open a gym contract and get in a workout at the end of the day.Legitimate Jobs

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Telesales Agent

Telesales is still a thing, even though the internet stole the show from this marketing medium. However, there are plenty of companies that still employ telesales agents to sell over the phone. Financial companies canvas for new leads over the phone and even gyms have telesales agents working the phones looking for new clients every day.

If you have a talent for sales, and you understand sales processes, then you could make it as a home-based telesales agent. All you need for this job is an internet phone connection and a headset. However, you’ll need to ensure that you understand the telesales industry. Many people get discouraged selling over the phone after receiving too much rejection. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

However, if you understand that it’s a numbers game, then you’ll keep persisting through the tough times until you make the sale. It’s for this reason that most companies like to keep their sales teams in-house. However, if you have good levels of self-discipline, and previous sales skills, you could do well with this work from home job.

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Beautician or Hairdresser

Do you enjoy working with people? If you always wanted to chase your dreams of being a beautician or hairdresser, then you have the option of a career that allows you to work from home. Most hairdressers will rent seats in a salon, paying the management a weekly or monthly fee for the chair.

However, once you build a client base, you can start handling your clients from home. Your clients might say that they prefer going to the salon, but if you offer them a discount, then they’ll probably give it a try. If you do good work, then you can expect to earn referrals from your clients, boosting your business. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

This occupation requires someone that has a bubbly personality and likes to chat for most of the day. One of the drawbacks of starting a salon at your home is that you might have to make a significant investment in equipment. You might also have to dedicate an area of your home to your business, as well.

However, if you have a flat on your property, and good credit, you can take a loan or a credit line on your home to fund your new business.

Social Media Management

The rise of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram changed the way we communicate with one another. It didn’t take corporates and brands long to realize that social media provides a valuable marketing platform with plenty of opportunities. Legitimate Jobs

Nowadays, brands need a presence on social, or the competition will leave them behind. If you’re an expert on social media mechanics, and you understand the marketing side of the platform, then you have skills in high demand. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

Stay at home and manage other brands, social media accounts using automated software tools. You’ll manage content and advertising campaigns, and actively engage with the brand’s target audience on all social platforms, giving the brand a voice. Legitimate Jobs

One of the best parts about being a social media manager is that you can do a significant amount of your work on your mobile device. Take your work anywhere you want, and work when it suits you.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Website Design and SEO

If you know how to build and market websites, then you have millions of job opportunities waiting for you on Fiverr and Upwork. The internet is continually expanding with new sites and content. There is an ocean of business out there waiting for you, but you’ll have to chase it down. Legitimate Jobs

While platforms offer one avenue for new business, SEO experts can take their skills to the private marketplace as well. Identify websites that have a good product and niche, but a weak online presence. Email these same companies and send them a proposal for SEO to improve their online business. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

You’ll find it surprising at the amount of work that’s out there if you take the time to look for it yourself. Since most SEO projects take around 6-months to show results, you’ll be looking at establishing mid to long-term relationships with your clients, bringing you a steady stream of income.

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28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Retail Trader

Do you enjoy riding the ups and downs of the markets? If you have a passion for following forex or stock markets, then you might have what it takes to make it as a retail trader. However, you’ll need to study a trading course to learn how to use a broker platform to place your trades. After that, you’ll have to spend some time trading with a “paper account” where you don’t risk any real money.

However, after you get the hang of the strategy, you’ll start to make money consistently every day. You can sign up for chatrooms that follow and trade the markets live. This strategy allows you to benefit from the knowledge of traders who are already profitable.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

Depending on the market and the strategy you choose to trade, you could work for as little as 2-hours a day after the stock market opens. Traders have a level of freedom that most people envy, and they have the money to help them enjoy all of their free time as well. Legitimate Jobs

If you find yourself watching more YouTube than you should, then the chances are that you’ve already come across Logan Paul’s channel. Logan’s funny antics with his friends drive millions of views to his channel.

However, while it might look all like fun and games in the video, it might surprise you to learn that Logan makes over $13-million annually from advertising revenue on his channel. Nothing is stopping you from emulating Logan’s success. If you have knowledge in a niche, and you like to be in front of the camera, you can start your YouTube career, and monetize your account. Legitimate Jobs

YouTube has specific restrictions on monetization, but if you put in the time and effort, you could be the next big YouTube sensation sweeping the nation.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Instagram Influencer

Dan Bilzerian is known as “the King of Instagram.” Take a look thr0ough Dan’s profile and feed, and you’ll notice that he’s living a lifestyle most men can only dream about. Instagram influencers are now a hot commodity in the marketing world, and companies are willing to pay people like Dan Bilzerian millions of dollars to endorse brands and products on their account. Legitimate Jobs

However, you don’t need to have millions of followers to make a living from being an Instagram influencer. There are various tiers of influencers, and all of them are in high demand with marketing companies.

Micro-influencers describe accounts with between 10,000 and 20,000 followers. Depending on your niche and your follower base, you could earn up to $500 for publishing a post promoting a product or brand.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

As you gain more followers, you can start to increase your fees. Think of Instagram influencers as lifestyle blogs in a visual format, with a lot more traffic flowing through the platform than most blogs can dream of obtaining.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today. Cryptocurrency

Back in 2017, everyone wanted a piece of bitcoin. As the price of the virtual currency approached the $20,000 mark, people fell into the mania of the bubble, with some people even selling their homes and living out of campers to buy bitcoin.

28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

While the 2017 bubble popped in dramatic fashion in 2018, cryptocurrency markets are still very much alive. You can make money by trading the crypto markets, just like you would with the Forex market. You place orders to buy and sell currencies, hoping to make a profit on each trade. Legitimate Jobs

If you don’t like the idea of trading, you can make money with cryptocurrency by mining. You hook up a mining rig in your home and walk away. The rig mines your chosen crypto, and then sends it to your wallet.28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

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In Closing – Find Some Support

If you decide to quit your day job and move into the realm of online work, you’ll need some support. As we mentioned earlier, it’s challenging to get your start in the gig economy, and it might take you some time to build your business to the levels where it brings you a sustainable monthly income.

You’ll need plenty of support from your family while making the change. Make sure that your family is in a strong enough position financially to allow you to attempt to make a career online. That might mean talking to your partner to let them know your plans and how it will affect your budget over the coming months while you startup.

Make sure that everyone in your family is in your corner before you decide to venture into the online world of work and start a career. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

If you don’t have a family yet, then you have less responsibility, allowing you to take more risks in life. However, if you want to start working online, you’ll also need some support. What if things don’t go as you plan in the first few months? How will you pay your rent? Legitimate Jobs

Downsizing your lifestyle for a few months while you get on your feet is a pragmatic approach to dealing with the situation. Get a housemate to help you reduce your rent, and analyze your budget for areas in which you can save money. Legitimate Jobs

If you continue to persist with your new occupation, you’ll eventually succeed. When you do finally make it, and you’re working from home full-time, you’ll feel a tremendous sense of reward and self-satisfaction – something that you probably never got with your old job. Welcome to the future of work. 28 Legitimate Jobs You can Start Today

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