Germany Jobs are announced from time to time in the German market for students, skilled, educated, professional, and fresh graduates. Germany is a hot spot for high-paying job opportunities. Jobs in Germany with salaries of over US$30/hour are the easiest opportunities to start a career.

Hundreds of thousands of high-salary jobs are available in the German market for everyone. In spite of free education and scholarship opportunities in Germany, settling down there with a permanent job opportunity is also very common. Germany Jobs

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The real motive behind taking up jobs by dedicating time and effort to the profession is to make a decent amount for financial stability. Jobs that do not pay a fair amount of salary for the contributed time and effort are undesirable because while making the required effort, the employees cannot enhance their financial capacity. Germany Jobs

Germany Jobs

Therefore, the employees are on a constant lookout for jobs that pay higher. While that is difficult to find, it is not impossible. The increasing competition and the desperation among the masses to work at lower rates means that employers have various options at lower costs. Germany Jobs

This does not rule out the professions that are relatively higher paid. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 jobs in Germany paying over $30/hour and the companies offering such pay rates for you to apply for these German jobs.

Salary of $30 Per hour Jobs in Germany for International Applicants

Following are the German Jobs Paying $30 Per hour salary or more;

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1# Business Manager Jobs in Germany

Business Managers are highly paid employees mainly due to the key responsibilities they fulfill. The role of Business Managers varies according to the scale of the organization. The primary responsibility of Business Managers is to manage a business by undertaking all responsibilities relating to the technical, strategic, and operational sectors of the industry. Germany Jobs

The Business Managers Jobs in Germany may also be required to oversee personnel issues, accounting activities, sales procedures, etc., in smaller firms due to the relatively smaller scale. However, in bigger organizations, the Business Managers will be required to lead designated teams for the fulfillment of the prescribed goals. Due to these overloaded responsibilities, the pay rates for Business Managers are relatively higher.

While they may be employed at any organization, only some pay a pay rate as handsome as we mentioned. The company’s promising $30+ pay rates for business managers in Germany include BMW, Siemens, Airbus, Allianz, etc. Germany Jobs

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2# Risk Manager Jobs in Germany

Risk Managers hold key positions in an organization. Being a Risk Manager requires extensive methodical and analytical skills. This is primarily because Risk Managers aim to identify the risks associated with the organizational capital or investment and then address those risks by introducing effective measures.

Risk Managers play an important role in the progress of a business because they advise on the associated risks of a move and also reflect on the positive risks which can be financially feasible for the organization. Considering all of this if you want to find a Risk Managers job in Germany then some companies offering these jobs are Commerzbank, Continental AG, Talanax konzern jobs, etc. Germany Jobs

3# Pre-Sales Manager Jobs in Germany

Pre-Sales Managers are often employed in larger organizations considering their marketing and sales activities are deployed on a huge scale. They are responsible for managing the pre-sales setup for which they lay the groundwork for the sales activities by forming and fine-tuning a sales team. The Pre-Sales Managers are also at liberty to troubleshoot products. Germany Jobs

They are responsible for creating a relevant narrative for pitches, creating attractive presentations, and demonstrations to attract the audience toward the offered product/service. They also play a pivotal role in shaping the sales and production teams, getting them ready for sales campaigns. Some of the top companies employing Pre-Sales Managers include Bayer AG, Audi, P&G jobs in Germany, etc. Germany Jobs

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4# Service Delivery Manager Jobs in Germany

The role of Service Delivery Managers may vary from organization to organization depending on the organizational goals and budgeting. The main responsibility of Service Delivery Managers is to shape feasible programs and processes for the deliverance of high-quality services. Germany Jobs

They often engage with clients to address their problems. The Service Delivery Managers also revert to the leadership to strike a balance between the demands of customer satisfaction and incorporating the views of the leadership by keeping the budget in check. Some top companies in this field are Daimler AG careers, Mercedes Group Jobs, SAP SE, Robert Bosch GmbH, etc. Germany Jobs

5# EHS Manager Jobs in Germany

The Environmental Health and Safety Managers perform a dual responsibility. The primary responsibility of an EHS Manager is to produce safe standard operating procedures (SOPs) that protect the lives and health of the humans working in the organization. Environmental Health and Safety Managers are often employed in factory outlets of companies because they are most exposed to various dangers. Germany Jobs

Environmental Health and Safety Managers are also required to safeguard the environment from human hazards. While this may come across as a simple designation, it requires appropriate decision-making skills and quick responses. Moreover, an understanding of German law is required to comply with the relevant SOPs. Some manufacturing companies offer a good pay rate to employees including GE Construction Jobs, Volkswagen, INEOS, ISG GmbH Jobs Germany, etc.

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6# Key Account Manager Jobs in Germany

Key Account Managers hold extensive authority over an organization’s sales team. The Key Account Managers are given the authority over an account holding special value for the organization or business. They are required to nurture and maintain this account while keeping the organizational strategic goal in perspective. Key Account Managers are mostly employed in banks. The German banks offering jobs for Key Account Managers include Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, DKB, N26, etc. Germany Jobs

7# HR Manager Jobs in Germany

The Human Resource Manager holds immense responsibility within an organization. This is mainly because the Human Resource Manager is responsible for recruiting and training the recruits. Their job is not limited to recruitment and training. Germany Jobs

The HR Managers are also required to solve staff problems, set relevant working procedures, and oversee staff performance. The HR Managers are paid highly because of their authoritative responsibility over the staff. The German companies with HR manager positions open for recruitment are Porsche, Adidas Jobs, Atlanta, etc. Germany Jobs

8# Production Engineer Jobs in Germany

The Production Engineers are responsible for devising feasible processes for manufacturing goods. The goods can be anything from a bottle to a car. Therefore, Production Engineers have a vast field to explore. Devising processes for the production of goods is key to the manufacturing process which heavily relies on strong strategic insights and determining operating procedures. Germany Jobs

The Production Engineers must be informed about industrial standards and emerging changes in the sector to devise practical procedures. With the German manufacturing industry being one of the largest in Europe, there are various highly-paid opportunities for Production Engineers. Some of the companies offering such pay rates include Armedangels, August Storck, Behr GmbH & Co. KG, BioNTech jobs, etc. Germany Jobs

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9# Channel Manager Jobs in Germany

A Channel Manager mostly works for media outlets or travel industries. However, it does not mean that they cannot be employed in another industry. The Channel Managers are actively involved in the marketing process.

The post requires vast information about the demographics and trends of the market to form good marketing strategies. They also play an important role in relationship-building with the customers which leads to a wider outreach. The top companies employing Channel Managers include ITB Berlin News, ZDF Germany Jobs, SPIEGEL ONLINE- International, etc.

10# Pilot Jobs in Germany

Pilots have numerous opportunities in Germany because of the large number of airlines. The Pilots can be employed in airlines as first officers. Depending on their progress, they are promoted to captains and training captains. The choice of whether they want to take up short-haul or long-haul flights remains with them.

The Pilots need to demonstrate a calm personality and high concentration levels to be considered for the job. Besides the economic gains, this job ensures that you get an opportunity to travel the world. The top airlines offering jobs in Germany include Lufthansa, Eurowings, Condor, Swiss International Airlines, etc. Germany Jobs

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